Friday, March 10, 2006

Watching from Sugar Loaf Mountain

It's the final hours of leg 4 of the Volvo Ocean Race - at least for the leading boat ABN1 as thoughts will be turning to the rituals of arrival. The sound of the horn as you cross the line, the feelings of elation and pride in completing the journey, the welcoming sight of your mooring space, the first beer, the first shower......

And those thoughts seem to have stimulated Brazil, pulling them as if on a thread towards their home country, overtaking ABN2 and with Pirates firmly in their sights.

But its not all fun, with Mike "Moose" Sanderson morning the loss of his beloved dog, ABN2, as noted, has lost another place, and poor old Neil still struggles at the back of the fleet on Ericsson.

Remember it will all be worth it very very soon - for I've never been to Rio without having a great time.

And I imagine I was again on Sugar Loaf this evening, watching the glorious sunset over the beaches and favelas of Rio. What would I see in the distance? Would it be the navigation lights of ABN1 on the horizon, getting ever closer, announcing the arrival of Black Betty to claim another victory?

Graphic from Virtual Spectator

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