Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Next Volvo

As predicted by the pretty Volvo girl (and reported here) the next Volvo is only 2 years off, with a 3 gap between starts. And as predicted again the VO70 design is here to stay. Yes it is extreme and yes for some sailors too extreme.

But there are many many others can not turn down the offer for a chance to race on the world's fastest yachts, to surf at 30-40 knots, to be part the premier offshore yacht race.

And these boat speeds means more of the planet is open to race organisers, more markets for the all important sponsors.

I hope that won't mean an Ellen MacArthur style tour of the far East. And if the race's roots in Portsmouth are forgotten or overlooked that would be very sad.

But the vision of ten Black Betties sailing around the world - and soon - can only be welcomed.

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