Sunday, March 18, 2007

Celebrity Yacht Race - Competition Results

There were no winners for the Celebrity Yacht Race competition, so Buff's t-shirt is safe!

The right answer is as follows:

- the winner of the last America's Cup and current defender is Alinghi

- Alinghi's founder (and frequent helm) is the Swiss billionaire Ernestor Bertarelli

- Bertarelli's wife is ex Miss UK Kirsty Roper

- As well as modelling, Ms Roper also considered a career in music

- The song "Black Coffee" was originally written for her

- It was later re-written and released by the All Saints

- It is said Ms Roper had a hand in developing the song and it relates to Bertarelli.

So now you know!

Picture from Alinghi site

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Anonymous said...

kirsty was alway a girl about town in London in her twenties, i remember she maried at chelea registry office both her and her then husband clad in white sheets for togas, the wedding if i recall was unulled, she was with sebastian comrey for years whom she was also due to marry. she was always a party girl and a little crazy to say the least, although a lot of fun and full of life, she was always interested in the rich guys and I am not surprised in the least to where she has ended up it was what she wanted. she was also very untidy and a little sloppy, didnt really care kind of attetude. i wish her all the best.