Monday, April 09, 2007

Boat Races

Tillerman asked the very good question as to why the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race is called "The Boat Race" when there are so many races involving boats out there.

While trying to find out why (a quick look on Wikipedia) I noticed the date of the first race - back in 1829! So it pre-dates the America's Cup, which started in 1852, by a good 23 years. And the America's Cup is described as "oldest active trophy in international sport".

So thats 23 years in which it could really call itself, "The" Boat Race.

But now there are so many races involving boats - like the one in the photo above. All weekend a steady stream of canoes have been heading downstream like beetles on a pond.

Another quick Google and the answer came here. Its the Devizes to Westminster Race, a daunting 125 miles of river. It calls itself "The longest non-stop canoe marathon in the world".

There are two categories - the first full-on don't stop till you get there is for senior doubles, who paddle all through the night. And the second for juniors and single seniors taking four days and resting / camping on the way.

Thats an impressive distance to canoe: congratulations to all that made it!

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Tillerman said...

I guess the description of the America's Cup is correct as The Boat Race could hardly be described as international - at least not until recently when all the Americans started racing in it.