Sunday, April 22, 2007

Running and Walking by the River

Its London Marathon day today and the sky is blue and the sun shining and a record 35,500 runners are out there pounding the streets. Best wishes to all, especially Tillerman!

Alas due to the lurgy remaining I'll not even be doing my Sunday morning 45 minute run here in Putney. But you don't have to run to enjoy the Thames path - one of my favourite walks and top tips for visitors is to go from Westminster to London Bridge (or even Tower Bridge) along the South Bank.

This area has been transformed over the past decade, and along the way you can pass:
- Big Ben
- London Aquarium
- Saatchi Gallary
- London Eye
- South Bank Arts Complex
- Second hand book stalls
- Oxo Tower Restaurant
- Tate Modern
- Millennium Bridge across to St Pauls
- Shakespeare's Globe
- Replica of the Goldern Hinde
- Southwark Cathedral
- London Bridge across to the Monument (of the great fire)
- HMS Belfast
- Tower Bridge across to the Tower of London name but a few! Its a lovely walk and the views over the city (and indeed over The City) are amazing, day or night.

Last time I went that way (on route to the Zong) I popped into the Tate Modern and went on the Slides before they were dismantled. Very fast, a bit bumpy, and great fun!


Tillerman said...

Thanks for the thought. Yes, I was there and I did finish. Will write something about the experience on my blog when I get my breath back.

JP said...

Congrats Tillerman and looking forward to hearing about it

Turinas said...

I used to live in Putney (rowed there too a bit). Living by the Thames was the best thing about London. My favorite thing to do was cycling on the South side. You can go for hours. Always interesting. I got to Weybridge once.

Katinka said...

The slides look fabulously fun!

ps(Ignore previous question about the mysterious lurgy, I just realized it's a reference to your flu bug. So glad to hear you're feeling better!)

~ Kat

JP said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Hello turinas - I'm thinking of getting a bike too as the path looks very inviting and all I've managed to run so far is to Hammersmith.

I'm sure tillerman would be able to run much further!

Kat, yes, slides very good fun but over much too quick!