Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday Mornings

It was such a lovely morning that just couldn't not go for a run along the Thames path. The sun was bright and strong but the path was cool under the shading trees, leaves freshly green.

And not surprisingly the path was packed with joggers and bikers, prams and dogs. And the river equally busy with rowing boats and support power boats (one of which got stuck in the shallows - if you ever wonder why they have on board a metal pole, the answer is they use it to push themselves off in such situations).

Now I'm back the clouds have rolled in and the temperature dropped and its time for some research. Really it should be on balance sheets as part of this course I'm doing.

But first the important question of what is the difference between Marmite and Marmite Guinness? - to which the answer is not much. The latter doesn't taste of Guinness, but is slightly less salty and creamier. Its not even in short supply as its still on sale in Putney Waitrose.

Can you guess which of the two above is spread with the original and which the Guinness variety?


Kat said...

The regular Marmite is the one on the left?

ps(I have great admiration for you taking the Financial Strategy course...especially since my financial analysis/accounting skills involve a pencil and paper, and occasionally resorting to counting on my fingers. ;)

JP said...

No! Its the one on the right!

ps I was talked into it at work and its a different world. If a company had "debt" its bad (it owes money) but if it has "debtors" its good (they owe it money) - where's the logic in that?

Katinka said...

Dang, there goes my promising future as a yeast-extract connoisseur!

ps(English is always so logical though, isn't it? *grn*

pps( if it all get's too much, you might consider trying The Ancient Art of Binder Clip Acupressure; Extreme Office Crafts.