Sunday, November 25, 2007

Battle of the Boat Shows

Roll-up roll-up, come to see the battle of the boat shows!

For some reason London has two winter boat shows. Already the power boats covered in protective white are beginning to stack up outside the back entrance to Earls Court.

But which - if either - to go to? Many have been disappointed with Excel as a location. Its miles away and soullessly huge, like an industry convention with endless corridors of stands to "do".

And while the docks are of course great for mooring a wide range of big boats it doesn't have the magic of "gosh, there's a real marina in the middle of Earl's Court"

I wonder what the exhibitors are to do? For the small companies it doesn't become economical to hire space at both, and if the visitors split between the two then total numbers at each will be down making either potentially a bad investment, which means maybe less variety.

No doubt Sunseeker and Princess will be at both, but thats not why I go.

Which raises the question why go?

What do you think?


Tillerman said...

I used to enjoy the Earls Court show when I lived in the UK but my favorite show was the Dinghy Show at Alexandra Palace. My kind of boats!

JP said...

I haven't been to the Ally Pally show but I saw lots of dinghys at the london boat show (almost bought one!)