Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cold Water

After an earlier post I had a bet with Turinas about whether I could experience three more forms of boats before Christmas. Looks like he's going to win this one!

I had banked on at least one or two in Karachi and a few weekends spare to go canoing or rowing on the Thames. Unfortunately I've been busy (which is of course a very poor excuse) and then this weekend it was to be honest just too cold.

You can see above the sturdy scullers above lining up to row up-river. What you can't see is the biting cold wind which makes me go brrr! and think again.

And do what does my second thought involve? Something like this:

Yup, somewhere warm (hammock optional).

Tempting picture from


turinas said...

I will happily extend the timeframe. How about end of March

Kat said...

I definitely vote for somewhere warm*!!

(*she says cocooned in a quilt and contemplating whether to brave the journey from office to kitchen in order to get a hot water bottle)

JP said...

Turinas, nope, we agreed Christmas, lets stick with that.

Kat - hot water bottle - what a good idea! Every single person should have one :)

Kat said...

Yes, you could start a trend and strap a few on while sailing through those biting winds.

Here's one that might be suitable:

JP said...

Ooh, I want one of those! Or maybe two - one for those coming-off-watch moments and another for here.

Or maybe three, so can give to santa along with that pony ;)