Sunday, May 11, 2008

Learning Experiences - Motivation

Tillerman has issued a new challenge - this time to write about learning experiences.

I've been pondering what to post about this but a first stab is motivation. I've twice dragged myself out of bed to do early Saturday morning canoe training sessions in a local swimming pool and expect to do a couple more.

And why?

Because I want to be in the picture above not just behind a camera and paddle up (or down) the Thames. And I'd rather not drown!


kitlinapai said...

yes, drowning doesn't sound like all that much fun (especially in the Thames ;)

Have you done any kayaking? Even some of the gung-ho kayaker friends I know from Canda don't how to roll their vessels - most of us still don't know how mostly because the water is so ferociously cold and no one's game enough to test their skils out. You're wise to get some training sessions in a heated swimming pool first!

JP said...

I suspect its a tactic by the canoe club to filter out the less keen before letting them loose on the Thames.

It can get a bit hairy out there - I saw them out last Thursday and some of the weaker kayakers were struggling to keep in a straight line which was dangerous when one of the party boats plowed by all too close for comfort.