Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More - but not from Melbourne

Apologies for the break from posting - been very busy.

There's been the conference, meeting Kat over lunch (which was fab), then heading off down the long but brilliant Australian Great Ocean Road.

In total this is 273 km in length with a mind-numbing number of tight windy corners. In places the speed limit is a mere 25 km/h and that felt about right - especially with the constant distractions of the breath taking views.

The cliffs are not just impressive - they are also a serious threat to navigation, and not for nothing is this known as the shipwreck coast.

After a long day's drive reached what are called the Twelve Apostles - now sadly reduced to eight by the battering of wind and wave.

Now in Canberra for more meetings.... so alas must get down to work for the last few days before the long flight back home.

Much longer than the drive and a lot less scenic!

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