Friday, May 23, 2008

Paddling in circles

Yesterday did my first kayak on the Thames with the local canoe club (who's photo that is above), which was great fun but spent rather a lot of time going round in circles.

When asking about minimum experience was surprised that ability to kayak in a straight line was one of them. As Top Gear would put it - how difficult can it be? And certainly in the swimming pool there wasn't much of a problem.

But then the swimming pool is so short its hard to tell as after couple of strokes you're at the far end, unlike the Thames.

However I'm told its a right-of-passage for newbies and others were piroutting more than me - and with a canoe called a "Dancer" I had a great excuse.

The swimming pool also doesn't have a constant stream of rowers bearing down on you nor, more importantly, a couple of knots of tide to battle against.

However very enjoyable in an arms-aching-good-nights-sleep sort of way, and hope its just the first of many.

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