Sunday, May 25, 2008

Upside down salsa

Its one of those truisms that really is true - the weather does know its a Bank Holiday weekend as its sent in a cold front and rain.

So another weekend where going on the water means paddling round a swimming pool in west London.

The aim was the oh-so-cool Eskimo roll (or at least one of them, as apparently there are as many varieties as words for snow in the Inuits language).

It is a lot harder than it looks. After three different instructors all failed to get me rolling one finally came up with the ultimate exercise to get those hips moving - upside down salsa.

"Just go upside down and use your hips to wiggle from side to side as if doing the Salsa. When your ready bang on the canoe and I'll right you!"

I think I did that ok. But it was hard to say when the glasses have fallen off and pool water is heading up one's nose to fill up all that empty space!


Katinka said...

This made me burst out laughing - I really think your readers need video footage though! *mis. grn*

JP said...

tee hee - no blackmail material this time!