Saturday, August 08, 2009

The 2009 Fastnet

Tomorrow is the start of the 2009 Fastnet race, and I'm going to sit this one out.

Not by choice - there was a very tempting last minute offer but my next week is already looking very busy. But if I could, I would be out there.

This surprised a friend of mine, who had just seen the video below and associated blog on Channel 4 News about the horrific events of 30 years ago when a storm blew through the fleet leading to many deaths.

If you want to know more then recommend reading the excellent Fastnet Force 10.

One thing I am looking forward to is following the fleet on the great RORC site. Last Fastnet it was fantastic to see where all the boats were - even though most of them were in port, sheltering from yet another blast of bad weather.

But the last couple of months been suffering a weird web anxiety. After I've checked the usual news sites and blogs there's this feeling that something is missing. Have I forgotten to check the status of the Volvo or Vende Globe fleet maybe?

Then I remember that both have finished, and with a sigh its been back to work. May next week I'll find a few gaps between meetings to see where the boats I recognise have got to.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I just finished re-reading Fastnet Force 10. Agree it's excellent. The story of Grimalkin plays such a central part of the book that it was very interesting to see these two survivors share their stories

JP said...

Its not looking like this year will be a bad one - indeed it looks like another of those light wind races.

The forecast just now had a sad lack of isobars.

But maybe that's for the best!