Sunday, August 16, 2009

Angry Sailor goes Down River with a Paddle

It's Sunday evening here, and for once the weather gods have smiled on London.

The afternoon has been warm and sunny, and Londoners everywhere have been out in the fresh air, kayaking, sailing, walking and biking along the river Thames.

And before the angst of Monday morning we have the Sunday evening, when the TV schedules traditionally give us something undemanding yet well shot to close the weekend.

Recently the Beeb has filled this slot with Rivers with Griff Rys Jones, in which he travels down some of Britain's great rivers by various forms of transport.

Previously Rys Jones has been on the screen sailing, and on at least one occaision getting pretty angy when his classic yacht comes 2nd (which in this case meant last) in a race around the cans off Cowes.

This time its a lot more mellow, with Griff kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and even swimming his way down the likes of the Tay, Derwent, Wye, and Severn, all shot with the most beautiful photography that licence payers money can buy.

The picture below was from two weeks ago and shows him sailing the classic yacht that won gold in the 1920 Olympics.

In all episodes apart from this one Gryff was accompanied by his labrador Cadbury (after the dog's milk chocolate colouring). Which was a shame, as the animal shamelessly stole most scenes - but why the exclusion?

Apparently there was a dispute with the BBC about whether dog food could be billed. Fortunately the conflict has been resolved and Man and Dog will be paddling down the Lee and Thames tonight.

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