Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The JP Blog Experience: 5 London Adventures

Welcome to the JP Blog Experience - outdoor adventures in the heart of London!

Choose your tour from one of the following:

1: Code ADV-01: Bike ride from Putney to Richmond
2: Code ADV-02: Kayak up the Wandle
3: Code ADV-03: Sail into Central London
4: Code ADV-04: Walkers Thames Tour
5: Code ADV-05: Running the South Bank

See description below for more information - contact us to make a booking!

ADV-01: Bike ride from Putney to Richmond

Do you want to breathe a bit of fresh air and see green trees rather than dense urban development? If so join us on a bike ride along the famous Thames path, 184 miles from source to sea.

Fear not, we won't be covering all of it in the tour, just the part between the London south west villages of Putney and Richmond. Here the Thames path is green and rural, and easy riding with a wide and near level track.

Both start and end points can be reached by train and tube for convenient access, and helmets are provided for all guests.

Code ADV-02: Kayak up the Wandle

You may have heard of the main river of London, the Thames, but do you know about some of the others, such as the Wandle?

On this tour you'll join our group exploring this historic river as it is meant to be discovered - from water level. From the mouth at the Thames, once a centre of industry up into the sprawling suburbs and the meadows beyond.

You will start from our Putney base where kayaks and all necessary safety gear will be provided. Our instructors are happy to guide you though basic kayaking skills are an advantage.

Bring change of clothes just in case!

3: Code ADV-03: Sail into Central London

The Thames that runs through the centre of London is an excellent way to see the majority of sights in a unique way. Join us as we glide silently by sail, remembering the famous Thames Barges that navigated this river in years gone by.

We run a fleet of stable and secure Enterprise dinghies that can take our guide / skipper as well up to two or three guests. A typical voyage starts at our base in West London and sails down river to the centre and back again, though we can provide customised itineraries that start / end at the Westminster pier.

Note that this tour is only available at low tide so contact our sales office for departure times.

4: Code ADV-04: Walkers Thames Tour

We are justly proud of our river bank tour of London, described by one online review as the "ultimate" walking tour. We even offer a number of routes, starting and ending at one of the following tube stations:
  • Westminster
  • Embankment
  • London Bridge
  • Tower Hill
Along the way our knowledgeable guide will point out some of the world famous landmarks, and provide colourful stories from London's long history. From Westminster to the Tower of London, from St Paul's Cathedral to the Tate Modern gallery, you'll be amazed and surprised by what you will discover.

Note that due to London's changeable weather, it's best to be prepared with an umbrella - just in case!

5: Code ADV-05: Running the South Bank

For the fit and energetic of you, we also offer running guides to London and the Thames.

Following the same route as ADV-04 we cover the top 50 sights of this amazing city while getting a good aerobic work out.

The South Bank of the Thames is well suited for jogging and running, being pedestrianised and conveniently level.

Fear not - we allow frequent stops to take photographs and have a breather!

Guests should be able to run 5 km and bring suitable footwear.


Tillerman said...

I want to do all five. Where do I sign up?

Carol Anne said...

Excellent! I will be recommending these experiences to all friends and relatives who are planning a trip to London.

JP said...

Sign up next time you're in London!

....though there's just been a dragon sized hitch in the business plan... might have to re-think some aspects of it.

Anyhow, lets hear about some more Blog Experiences!

JP said...

We have feedback from a customer who went on the ADV-01 tour!

Says Mr NP of north London: "it was amazing!"

I understand he will be coming back bringing my nephews and nieces - I mean his family - with him.

O Docker said...

These all look like great adventures, JP, but if I met a Londoner who told me he was planning to 'paddle up the Wandle', I'd probably spend the rest of the day wondering if I hadn't missed some fine point of Cockney rhyming slang.