Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Power to the Paddlers - part 2

After the previous post "Power to the Paddlers!!" Bonnie asked the very good question what does the British Canoe Union have to say about the issue of gaining access to rivers in England that are currently inaccessible as privately owned?

The answer is that of course they feel very strongly about it and are part of the River Acccess campaign, which have their web site here.

At this point Scottish paddlers feel smug as the law there permits kayakers and canoeists access to all navigatable rivers. And it is interesting to note that the River Access campaign is formally funded by Canoe England, one of the constituent bodies of the BCU.

We seem to get back to the strange fact that the United Kingdom is not always as united as some might like. It reminds me of the strange tale of how the UK's football team at the next Olympics - held of course in London - will be an English team without representation from the other constituent "nations".

The 2012 games are however one reason I will accept for denying access to our waterways. Apparently parts of the River Lea, which feeds into the Thames in docklands opposite the Dome, go through the Olympic site, and so for security reason are closed to all traffic from now until 3 years hence.

Except of course Gryff Rhys Jones who with the power of the BBC behind him got a guided tour (above), though he wasn't allowed to take his canoe or even his faithful friendly dog, Cadbury.

Another thing I learnt at the River Access site was that September 27th is World Rivers Day!

Put it in your blog post diary now.


bonnie said...

It absolutely positively cannot be a coincidence that here in the States, September 26th is National Estuaries Day.

Good site, that river site - thanks for the link!

JP said...

That's too much of a co-incidence, yup must be connected.

You can include estuaries on the celebrate world rivers day post challenge thingy.