Thursday, August 06, 2009

Wildlife in the Isles of Scilly

The Isles of Scilly are a good place to go for wild-life.

Its been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, home to seals and lots of birds including puffins.

Coming back from sailing the wayfarer the instructors at the sailing school (Australian of course, said "guys" a lot) asked if we had seen the seal?

Alas the answer was no.

In the evening as we discussed the events of our days my eldest niece was thrilled to report that she too had seen a seal.

Alas again, must have been looking in the wrong direction.

From this point on of course kept a good look out but was not to be rewarded by anything more exciting than one of the huge and hungry sea gulls (above).

Maybe it was the wrong time of year as October is meant to be peak for twitchers or maybe should have gone to another of the many islands.

No, I'm wrong, did see something else! A rabbit!

.... ok, maybe that isn't exactly ground breaking. Next time maybe.


O Docker said...

You saw a rabbit while sailing?

Those do sound like scilly isles.

Carol Anne said...

I imagine there must be a lot of twitchers in the Scillies in autumn.

Now, how's that for a sentence indecipherable outside select circles?

We don't label them as such, but we get a lot of twitchers in Sierra County in winter.

JP said...

Ah, good to see a bit of colour in your language there!

I saw the rabbit when walking back from Valhalla.

Now that's not a sentence one writes very often!