Sunday, August 23, 2009

Would you want one?

Today this mini hovercraft was zooming up and down the Thames.

It looked rather cool as it was at home on the mud flats as well as the water, was seriously moving and a neat two person craft.

At first there was this Top Gear more speed! "I want one" moment, but on second thoughts it was a "no thanks" as its just too noisy.

One of the joys of paddling or sailing is the peace, to be gliding across mirror like water, and you don't get that with a craft that roars so loud that head phones are required.


Mike said...

Oh, I thought I had the wrong blog for a moment, until I got to the third sentence.

But then I guess I should admit that it was the little boy (Clarkson) in me that had me reading that far.

Carol Anne said...

The New Mexico State Police have one of those, but they don't really get to have fun with it. It generally comes out whenever somebody has drowned in the Rio Grande and the body needs to be found.

There are times when I get in a mood where I could enjoy something that goes "vroom", but far more often, I'd rather have peace and quiet.

Greg and Kris said...

I'd want one for a couple of hours and then I'd never look back. :)

JP said...

I agree - its a use once or twice but after a very few times would tire of it.

But wouldn't mind giving it a go - once!

Alas the problem of bodies in the river is an all to real one that hope never get to see.

Gavin Parson said...

I was the driver of that hovercraft and I've enjoyed operating hovercraft for 26 years. There's nothing better than exploring places where no other craft can access.
Yes, there's an element of noise but it's only 90db inside the craft. I measured the sound of mothers outside my daughters school and measured 96db. So it's all relative. You wouldn't avoid women because they're noisy would you?
The noise on a motorbike at cruising speed is higher but there are thousands of those in use.
Just because my hovercraft was the only thing on the river making a sound on that day doesn't mean that it was noisy.

JP said...

Hi Gavin,

Thanks for your comment - sounds like I should give it a try, but alas haven't had a chance to try a small hovercraft only those big ones that used to fly between Dover and Calais.