Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Review: The Swoop!

I say chaps you must read this absolutely spiffing good yarn from that P.G. Wodehouse writer cove (apparently from his bomb-proof shelter in London W.)

What's it about you ask? Well it's about how old England - good old England - is invaded by not one dastardly foreign army but nine of the blighters all at once which is a bit unsporting don't you know?

And what is worse they interrupted the cricket, walking in front of the bowling screens and digging trenches through the hallowed turf! And what the Russians did, well that was just beastly bad form, I mean, shooting a fox - bad show that, not cricket.

At first doesn't go that well for blighty, indeed as can be seen by Chapter 6 which you can read for yourself below:


Thus was London bombarded. Fortunately it was August, and there was nobody in town. Otherwise there might have been loss of life.

Cricky you might well say!

Fortunately all is not lost as Clarence Chugwater, boy scout, was at hand complete with catapult and the ability to imitate the sound of a tarantula singing to its young. England expects and all that rot.

As you might well have guessed it all comes out smashing by the end, so sparkling limonado all round!

A totally topping short story - head over here chaps for your own free copy.


Kat said...

Dashed good post, old chap! Had no idea Wodehouse tossed off this corker while bunking down in a bomb shelter, of all places.(Rather marvellous, what!)

*snorting delightedly into my cup of tea and lamington*

JP said...

I say Kat old bean you are a brick for saying so.

Pip pip!

O Docker said...

Just when I think I'm beginning to understand the English, something like this comes along.

JP said...

Well I'm a bit of a Londoner, English, Scottish, British, European so I'm as confused as you!