Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cutterless Thames Festival

This coming weekend its the Thames Festival 2010 with a host of events along the river between Westminster and Tower Bridges.

Two events caught my eye, namely the cutter races and barge driving, and I was afraid I was going to miss both of them as they are on the Sunday when alas I have other commitments.

However it turns out I'm only going to be missing the barge driving as the cutter racing has been called off because of "circumstances beyond our control" according to the web site - what ever they might be.

Any way to make up for that gap I'm posting another rowing vessel, this time earlier from Fowey so likely a gig or something - experts please help me out here.

I'm still unsure whether to go along as the Saturday's events sounds very similar to last year's which blogged here and alas a lot of work on at the moment.

However if you are in London the coming weekend you might like to pop down to the river to enjoy one or other of the festivities - the fireworks are meant to be pretty good.


ChrisP said...

That's a Cornish Pilot Gig all right. There will be several at the Great River Race later this month.

JP said...

Thanks Chris, hoped you'd give your verdict.

The GRR is in my diary though I've a number of work deadlines this month which isn't making life easy