Sunday, September 19, 2010

Execution Dock

Ahoy there, Buccaneer Buff here, or at least me spirit, that be.

Me hear many a pirate talking 'pon this day, namely the 19th of September, and it brings me back to find my way to 'ol Execution Dock. Many a fine pirate has taken his last voyage upon these Thames shore lines, aye, me shipmates and me, 'tis hard indeed.

But where is the spot our bodies were hung 'til three tides had washed away our lives? Where is said Execution Dock?

Well here be a map, like a treasure map but not of gold, rather death!

Aye, in Wapping be found. So I makes me way, wooden leg an' all, down those cobbled streets, searching for me last resting place in 'tis sorry world. Arr!

Shiver my timbers what should I find at t'spot indicated but one of the enemies of the pirates:
Blow me down, I'd rather share me hammock with a bilge rat!

All of a quiver I made me way down Wapping High Street 'til found myself in a pub of the name of The Town of Ramsgate. Ar, this is more like says I, wenches and grog.

Truth be told no one knows for sure where be Execution Dock, but, says I, this be a fair resting place.

At t'back there be these steps, all slimy, smelling of mud and green with weed - what a beauty says I. So I walk down those fair stairs till the muddy waters of the river Thames closed over me head.

Arr! 'Tis sweet to be home.


Kat said...

Arrr, me parrot concurs! Them foul blaggarts o the law been 'ere in the Colonies as well...fittin' to do a pretty dance 'pon the plank, if yer askin' me! Arr!

Baydog said...

You gotta be English to even attempt to speak like a pirate. It comes naturally for some reason.
Although Johnny Depp is American, lately he's got this funky accent
where you don't really know where he's from.

Carol Anne said...

Ye pirates be not all English! Many a one be Cornish! Best ye learn the distinction, lest ye be keelhauled fer callin' a Cornishman an Englishman!

JP said...

Arrr! no need to walk the plank - the two pirate wenches speak much truth, indeed they do. And speak not of Johnny Depp, me know of no pirate that name!

Baydog said...


Bursledon Blogger said...

Why are Pirates called Pirates?

Because they ArrrAH!

O Docker said...

Just when I think I'm beginning to understand the English, something like this comes along.

JP said...

Well I'm a bit of a Londoner, English, Scottish, British, European so I'm as confused as you!

Anonymous said...

Tis no mystery shipmates, the heirs of King Henry claim the cursed spot for themselves, forgetting the past.

Called now, King Henry stairs.

Anonymous said...

Arrrr, I am Captn Abad, a bute pyrate!