Monday, September 13, 2010

Sailing News

It's a busy day for sailing news - far too busy for me as I'm currently overloaded at work.

So hardly any time to blog much about the America's Cup going wing shaped - though of course Reggie and co would approve - and doesn't the AC34 video (found here) computer generated spin round view from underneath feel all wrong, less a scuba diver's view and more someone drowning (that could of course be psychological reaction to work).

And equally little time to write about Tillerman's first day - though to be honest the lack of results does make posting anything meaningful difficult (but not impossible, there's always ol' Buff to lend us his views).

However thanks to the official site we do know that so far Squadron Leader Tillerman has not been caught breaking 42.2(a) and pumping more than once on the same wave nor been involved in a protest.

So before signing off and heading off to put feet up and watch that box set of "The Office" season 5 just time to say the figure above is the World Master's course, so no doubt we will hear much more about it in the future!


O Docker said...

This just in, JP.

Apparently, results for day one are posted and the squadron leader fought valiantly. He was not dead last.

In the second race, he did well enough to be awarded a Distinguished Navigation Cross - at least I believe that's the connotation of 'DNC'.

I'm sure we'll be hearing quite a bit about this meritorious achievement.

JP said...

The race report for Monday was for rather windy conditions so I'd imagine those that survived the downwind leg deserved a medal of some sort!

And today was even worse - gusting 40 knots! - but luckily racing was cancelled for the day.

Looking forward to hearing the reports from the front