Thursday, September 09, 2010

Time and Tide

A couple of month's ago I was introduced to one of the hidden gems of London's docklands, when took a powerboat course at Trinity Wharf. As well as one of the original centres of Trinity House where Faraday worked it's also the home to art, such as the ENO and a performance of the longest non-repeating piece of music (it takes a thousand years to play).

And the navigation and art themes are soon to be joined by a new installation called "Time and Tide" by Marcus Vergette. It consists of a bell that is rung by the water but only at high tide - at present. For as the sea waters continue to rise due to global warming they will increasing ring out their warning sound at times other than high water.

I shall have to find time to treck across London to see it after it is installed (the picture above is computer generated), maybe even the first time it is due to ring out on 19th September, which conveniently is a Sunday.

Thank's to Tristan's Natural Navigator blog entry on the installation which can be read here together with more tips on the tides.


O Docker said...

In SF, there's something similar in concept, but a bit more elaborate.

Must admit, I've never been by when it was making noticeable sounds. Maybe I need to listen harder.

JP said...

That's very eerie sounding.... particularly if you fire off that page into a separate (and hidden) tab and then wonder where on Earth those strange noises are coming from: "who's stomach is that then?"

I usually don't like sites that play music or video without clicking a play button but I guess I'll let that one get away with it.

It's "art" don't you know.

Barista Uno said...

My maiden visit to your blog. It's a discovery.

If you could add my Marine Cafe Blog to your blogroll, I would gladly reciprocate by adding your site to my own roster.

Happy blogging, mate.