Saturday, September 25, 2010

Watching the Great River Race - 1

It definitely was fleece weather out on the Putney Embankment watching the Great River Race go by. Early morning sun disappeared behind mostly white clouds while the wind blew vigorously.

But the wait was rewarded by the well rowed first boat, Maggie (above), who was soon followed by Aggie and then 15 seconds (below):

And then there was that phase where the boats came one by one, too many to remember and snap each one, though this one did seem to find the choppy water by the Fulham grounds a bit too exciting and had to start bailing.

Then they began to come in their twos and threes:

Until the water was full of an uncountable number of boats and rowers:


ChrisP said...

15 Seconds was rowed by Sandra Russell and Deborah Pentesco-Gilbert and passengered/coxed by two of their sons, and they won the cups for fastest ladies and fastest veteran ladies. Another tremendous performance!

ChrisP said...

...and you can just see Langstone Cutters' Clayton skiff Mabel in the bottom photo.

JP said...

Thanks for the info Chris, was wondering which pictures to post - shame I can't post everyones but the fleet was rather big!