Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's the time?

Last Sunday the weather was just sunny enough for a punt trip upriver on the Cam, watching the fishes glide by, desperate to avoid the beady eye of the heron.

On arrival we had a picnic, occasionally distracted by having to shoo away some inquisitive cows grazing on the meadows.

So what time should it have been?


ChrisP said...


Baydog said...

One o'clock, and time for lunch.
Lum dee dum dee dum dum

Kat said...

(this reminds me of a game I used to play with my nieces and nephews called "What's the time, Mr. Wolf")

1:30? or was it an afternoon-tea sort of picnic? (in which case, I'd say 3ish)

ps( horribly envious, that looks like fun)

michael b said...

I'm guessing 3:00PM and the river runs north. The shadows are too long for lunch time. At lunch time there would have been no shade on the punt.

JP said...

Congratulations to Chris's as his answer is the right one - as have just posted.

Gold stars to Kat and Michael for getting very close based upon shadows.