Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bond and Ben on Saturday

Ah, the joys of Saturday morning, when the alarm is switched off, the cappuccino machine is switched on and the newspapers are piled high.

And what do I discover but Bond, James Bond, on-board the luxury yacht Regina (above, from here) with Berenice Marhole, and the reviews of Skyfall are equally good looking.

Also in the papers was an interview with Ben Ainslie, talking about racing in the Olympics, sailing AC boats and his new girlfriend, Olympic sailing medallist Marit Bouwmeester below (from here):

I do like Saturday mornings.


my2fish said...

I really liked the sailboat that James Bond (Daniel Craig) was on in the Casino Royale movie as well. I think Craig has done a great job with his Bond potrayal so far.

I do enjoy my Saturday mornings as well - but lately it's standing in the cold and rain to watch my boys play their soccer games.

JP said...

The Casino Royale boat was very cool too.

What a good dad! Your Saturday mornings sound a lot like my brothers.