Sunday, October 07, 2012

Picture puzzle

What is this and why is it a good day to post a picture of it?


Tweezerman said...

International Canoe. Possibly a Manana design but, if the picture was taken in England as the number indicates, then more likely an older Proctor from the 50's. The seat is very flat for the English (looks more American) and the freeboard at the canoe transom is very high (which reminds me of the Manana design, American designed, Swedish hot molded). Appears in very good nick for an old girl.

Tillerman said...

There are two possible explanation why you posted this today.

1. One International Canoe that carried the number K41 is the famous 'Conquest'. And today is Columbus Day when Native Americans celebrate the arrival of Columbus in America and their subsequent conquest and theft of their homeland by Europeans. (Or something like that.)

2. Alternatively today marks the 41st day that JP has sailed his Laser this year.

Take your pick.

JP said...

International Canoe is right... see next post for more.

41 days sailing - as if! Alas work rather manic at the moment

Tillerman said...

The day you posted this post was the 41st Sunday in 2012.

All right, I know this isn't the answer you wanted. But it is true.