Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Polished nicely

I was going to post a detailed description of tonight's GBBO (*) but this is meant to be a boating blog. Well, of sorts, anyhow.

Anyway I've just made myself some crepes in sympathy with this week's patisserie-themed semi (well, they're French, and yes still GBBO) and jolly good they were too.

To keep the boaties happy here is a well polished Holt designed boat sailing nicely along on Sunday.

I'd like to see James (the baker) make a boat shaped choux gateau with lots of chocolate, nuts, caramel and cream - yum!

Even better, I'd like to eat it.

(*) Great British Bake Off - do keep up

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Tillerman said...

You inspired me to write a post with a baking theme today too.