Monday, October 08, 2012

The Jack Holt Centenary Race

I had to work over the weekend, which was of course a bit of a bore, particularly as I kept getting distracted by these dinghies. Sailing down then up the Thames was a regatta of little boats - not the usual one design fleet but a range including some lovely old wood ones.

It was a race to commemorate the centenary of Jack Holt and appropriately it was organised by the Ranelagh Sailing Club on Putney Embankment.

Jack Holt was a prolific designer and builder and had to his name the following classics:

  • Cadet
  • Diamond Keelboat
  • Enterprise
  • GP14
  • Heron
  • Hornet
  • International 10sq m Canoe (posted yesterday)
  • International 14
  • Jacksnipe Lazy E
  • Merlin Rocket
  • Miracle
  • Mirror & Mirror 16
  • National 12 & National E
  • North Norfolk 16
  • Pacer (Puffin Pacer)
  • Rambler
  • Solo
  • Streaker
  • Vagabond

Here are just a few of his creations out where they should be, sailing on the Thames:


Anonymous said...

So impressed at so many Enterprises the right way up.... :)

JP said...

There was more a problem of lack of wind than too much wind.

Anyway Thames at low water too shallow for an Enterprise to go completely turtle