Monday, January 21, 2013

Nice seat

When I say my second favourite boat at the show was a bench you can tell that I wasn't that gripped.

But made by Tristan Cockerill from wave smoothed driftwood it oozed stories of warm sandy days by the beach, cool mojito to hand.

Of course the price would make you sober up very quickly: indeed its £ 3k price (reduce at the boat show to only £2.5k) was presumably something that shouldn't be asked.

Probably the only question suitable would be whether Tarquin (or whatever your name was) would like it shipped to your Bahamas villa or the ten bed 'cottage' in the Hamptons.

Decisions, decisions.....


my2fish said...

that's a little salty!

bonnie said...

Oh, I think I like the driftwood horse behind it, too.

JP said...

I should have taken a picture of that driftwood horse, as it was indeed pretty spectacular. Its price was "on request".... which I took as meaning outside my budget!