Monday, February 20, 2006

The longest day

I've finally got round to switching on one of Virtual Spectators more esoteric overlays - the international date line. If you felt today was a long day, that's nothing compared to how long Monday was for the crew of the Volvo Ocean race, as they crossed from the eastern to western hemispheres.

But at least all the fleet seems to have avoided the breakages that plagued so many of the past legs, even though the result of ABN AMRO ONE course curving south then south east as it smoothes into the lead seems all too familiar.

Behind there's been some good competitive sailing, with Ericsson and Pirates battling out for third, and movistar showing how even a 2 hour handicap at the start won't stop them catching Brasil. Indeed if it was just Farr designs there wouldn't be this talk about which boats were disappointing. But the Juan Kouyoumdjian designed ABN twins do seem to have an extra gear, especially in the nice reaching conditions.

It won't last. The forecasts are getting uncertain, depending not on the lows barrelling around the southern ocean but one dropping in from the tropics. There might even be a bit of light winds to slow the leaders down.

This could get interesting.....

Picture from Virtual Spectator

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