Sunday, February 26, 2006

Ripping yarns from the South China Seas

The troubles keep coming for the Clipper Round the world yacht race. On leg 4 from Freemantle to Qingdao the bad news started with Glasgow being threatened by real pirates near Singapore. These not being the jolly Captain Jack Sparrow type fresh from sparring with the georgous Keira Knightley but the ones with machines guns and bad-ass attitudes.

Then one of boats reported faults with the keel, in real danger of falling off. Similar faults were then found in others of the fleet, and so racing was supended as the boats headed to Subic Bay in the Philippines for repairs.

The crew (including those who have sailed the St Malo race with Captain JP) headed home as the shore-crew got to work. But even then drama continued, as they faced the unwanted excitement of the Philippine government declaring a state of emergency, with rumours of a military coup being planned.

All in all a bit too much excitement even for a once in a life-time adventure holiday.

Image from Clipper Ventures

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