Sunday, April 30, 2006

Movistar's the star

It was a good days sailing for Movistar as they win the Volvo in-port race in the Chesapeake Bay. The winds were below 10 knots which meant the day was as bad for Juan Kouyoumdjian as it was good for the Farr boats, with ABN1 coming in a disappointing 6th out of 7 (more here).

Its good to see a bit more competition at the top of the leader board. Movistar was on the water early and should have had time to fix the bugs. But it didn't, with a host of problems around their keel. Like Pirates, the team has taken time to get into the grove, but now seems to be firing on all cylinders. So more boats need to get used to being overtaken by the Spanish boat, as happened to Captain JP on last year's Fastnet (above - and again on the delivery back to the Solent).

There are changes on the leader board - not just with Pirates getting past ABN2, but the renamed Brunel with a meagre 0.5 points. But still no sign of a break through from Ericsson.

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