Monday, July 16, 2007

No Man's for sale

If you've sailed around the Solent no doubt you'd have seen No Man's Land fort - or even, if you're unlucky and the wind drops and tide picks up, drifted on to it.

But today we hear that is for sale - for a cool £4m. Mooring seems a bit primitive from the photo above (from this site) - but I guess its aimed at the two helicopter family.

It makes you wonder all sorts of questions - like how long would it take to pick up the Sunday papers? where does the waste go? how do you get fresh water back in? what sort of council tax band is it in? how does the council collect the rubbish, if at all? how noisy or quiet is it?

What could it be used? Top sea food restaurant might be a good idea.

Any other suggestions?


turinas said...

Not a bad way to get away from all those bloody pizza menus being jammed through your door.

Katinka said...

"what could it be used for?"

hmmm...this would be an ideal location to deposit students suffering from teenage angst. *slaps self* (What am I thinking, I'm on holidays ?! :P)

JP said...


...or as retreat for teachers suffering from students suffering from teenage angst?

Enjoy your hols!