Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sailing Preparation

They say that it is very important to prepare for sailing and to keep up the training to ensure peak physical fitness.

I am going sailing next week and I have done, to date, nothing.

No, thats not true, I've ordered this:

Yes HP7 is coming and JP is very excited - its ideal holiday reading when the temperature gets over 40.

The difficult bit will be avoiding prematurely learning the plot, given its been reviewed, scanned photos of each page are on the internet, copies are for sale on eBay, and no doubt it will be in the hands of over half the passengers on the plane.


Adam said...

Much more importantly, where are you sailing?

JP said...


Sorry, not being rude, thats just what its call (my 15 yo nephew has been sniggering a bit).

Its in turkey, on the south-west coast.

Turinas said...

Nice! we did a couple of Sunsail flots around Datcha and Bodrum. It's beautiful

Have a Phokking great time

Katinka said...

OOooooh I'm so jealous, JP! That sounds far more exotic than where I'm going this weekend. I hope you'll post some pics from your trip!

ps(the sailing bug has bitten me...I really want to give this a go after watching a couple of sail boats gracefully drifting by in Deep Cove the other day. Amazing.)

pps(Have you had a traditional Turkish coffee yet?)

JP said...

Pics and story to come - slightly nightmarish return journey as plane had to divert at midnight to Luton airport (as Gatwick's runway was closed for couple of hours) then wait for refueling, before finally getting out of Gatwick at about 3.15am and home 4.30 ish

ps Another sailing convert - excellent!