Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sydney Run

You don't need a yacht - let alone an America's Cup class one - to enjoy the sights of Sydney Harbour. Bring your running shoes and try this run shown in the Google Earth picture above, which was a good way of saying goodbye before the 20 hours flight back home.

Start at the Sydney Marriott, turn right and run down past Captain Cook's statue, across the bridge by the Art Gallery of NSW, into the botanic gardens, out to Mrs Macquaries point, admire the view, round to the Opera House, admire the view again, then back past the art gallery and back via Archibald Fountain and the Anzac War Memorial.

If you do it in under 30 minutes you are way too fit and have no soul for the views are wonderful and well worth stopping for five minutes or even more...


Tillerman said...

Totally agree. I used to run that route (or variations of it) almost every morning when I was last in Sydney.

Thanks for all you reports from down under. We expect to be visiting there again early in 2008 so your photos and stories really whettted my appetite for the trip.

JP said...

Its a lovely city and I'm only sorry I went for that single run. The trip was a bit of a rush - a colleague couldn't go so I had to jump on plane with 24 hours notice.

Which bits are you going to? Is it a laser thing or just general holidy?

Katinka said...

I really enjoyed the pictures and video clip, and must (sheepishly) admit you've seen more of Sydney than I have! Of course, I still think you need to come back and explore a little more of Australia. (me, baised?)

The sailing looks like fun!

JP said...

I'd love to! I've only ever been on the east coast from Cairns down to Melbourne so there's lots and lots more to see.

Next time must try to arrange some time off rather than flying back so soon.

Where do you recommend?