Saturday, August 04, 2007

Slowing down

Been bit of a delay in blogging the sailing holiday. What with my business partner off for 2 months due to stress, a tutorial for the OU Financial Strategy course, a trip to Geneva to talk about EPFD (please don't ask), and of course the flight delays it was a bit of a tiring week.

Planning a nice quiet weekend to catch up and potter - like the chap above who this afternoon was seen heading up river in what looked like a coracle. Is it me or is he the same chap who was on the river bike?

BTW - another view of the flight delays last Sunday from Simon Calder, travel writer on the Independent newspaper here.


Katinka said...

(Definitely looks like the same chap...even down to the same swim trunks!)

Curious to read about the 'noise curfew'at Heathrow airport. It sounds like it was quite an ordeal for everyone involved, including all the poor bewildered family members and friends that had to scurry over to the other airport to pick up passengers.

No wonder you're tired out!

JP said...

There's a bit of a passenger revolt going on this summer as we are all a bit fed up with BAA's mis-understanding of the concept of "service"

What's slightly odd about the curfew is I never hear aircraft when they take off but clearly hear the long-hauls coming in at 4 am.

ps I wonder who he is and what he will take to the water on next!