Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ti Al Lannec

Just back from a long weekend in Brittany. If my theory that bad-posts-are-good it should really be a story of transport woes and hotels from hell.

Unfortunately it was wonderful, but to make up for the lack of drama I'll let you into a secret and tell you the name of the hotel rather than keeping it all to myself.

Actually I've already done it, for its the title of this post, and their web site can be found here. It feels like a country house run by one's favourite relatives who are amazing cooks and with views out of the bedrooms a bit like this:

Unless of course the fog rolls in in which case its a bit like this:

I can't understand why it only has three stars - maybe its the slightly old fashioned wall paper. But that makes it all the more charming - and I can totally see how its on the "Rooms for Romance in France" list.

But its also great for families and they coped wonderfully with my nephews and nieces letting us all dine together as a big group.

A short but steep path drops down the the beach where we made sand castles and swam in the extremely cold water. We talked about sailing as there were a couple of sailing schools there but there was no wind so we took the inflatable out with the motor and pop-popped around the bay. This too was cut short as it turned out we had only found one of the two of the gashes in its side so we gradually got lower and lower in the water

There were also walks along the cliffs like this:
It reminded me very much of "A summer's tale" though alas without the lovely Margot of that film.

I could go on, but surely that's enough - it was as good as this sunset:


Katinka said...

JP, if you ever get bored with your job, you'd make a great travel writer and photographer!

The hotel you stayed at looks awesome (is it really three stars??), and the countryside is beautiful...the shot of winding path around the cliff really captures my imagination.

ps( I hope your sand castles turned out better than mine...I've lost the knack!)

JP said...

Thanks Kat - don't tempt me, getting fed up with the work load at the moment!

ps you should go there, do a bit of painting & hiking, and in between practice your sand castle skills!

Kate said...

pLoved this post and we all read it with breathless excitement since WE WERE THERE TOO!
I have to say, this is a spot on description Captain JP and totally wonderful pictures!

JP said...

Thanks Dr Kate!

I have made a CD with the photos & videos and sent it to Jan