Saturday, September 15, 2007

Off again

Tillerman has asked about our best boating location. Thats a tricky one as not only have I not found the perfect place but not sure its possible.

I like the Hamble a lot but remember rather too clearly when the shower block we were meant to use broke down (ok, so we just crashed our way into the other one).

I like Cascais but remember also the pounding music that kept us awake.

Maybe continuing the bad-posts-are-good theme I should ask which boating locations you think are the worst.

Ok, admit to feeling a bit grumpy this morning as having to go on a business trip I don't want to - to the UAE and Pakistan.

Would much rather be going to this


Katinka said...

I hope you'll have some time to do some exploring in between the demands of work this weekend! Enjoy the change of scenery and the warmer(?) weather! :)

JP said...

Its certainly warmer (!) but tomorrow the meeting starts and not sure how much free time will get.