Monday, September 03, 2007

Messing about...

Yesterday did a bit more messing about in a boat, and a different type, for a went back to Cambridge for the day to go punting with old college friends.

Punting is very relaxing while you're just lying there watching the river drift by (as above). It's a lot harder work when you're doing it, especially when the wet summer has made the river bottom especially muddy, so the pole sticks firm and you have the choice of getting wet or letting go of the pole (hint: do the latter!).

Even if there hasn't been much sailing this year there has been a bit of variety:
- America's Cup Class (Sydney)
- Laser (Turkey)
- Topper (Turkey)
- Hobie (Turkey)
- Gibsea 33 (Turkey)
- Inflatable dinghy with outboard (Brittany)
- Punt (Cambridge)

I haven't given up hope on extending this list as there's still 4 months of the year left!


Katinka said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun!! (well, except for the falling in after the paddle part. I grew up beside a river, so spent a lot of time falling in and walking home wearing mud and pond weed)

Btw, from your recent travels would you consider Sydney a good place to live?

Tillerman said...

Aaaah. The image that perfectly captures my mis-spent youth. Punting is more addictive than Tacticat. At least when you're 18, it's June and there's an orchard waiting.

Say, is there beauty yet to find?
And certainty? and quiet kind?
Deep meadows yet, for to forget
The lies, and truths, and pain?...oh! yet
Stands the church clock at ten to three?
And is there honey still for tea?

Anonymous said...

Hhhm! We could make this interesting. How about I give 25 GBP to a charity of your choice if you can make it to 12 boating outings before the end of the year. The only catch is that they all have to be different.

JP said...

Kat: it was such fun and you really must try it so you can come back home wearing mud and pond weed again.

And I'll email you about your where-is-home question!

Tillerman: you won't be too surprised we quoted that as we floated upstream! (or at the last two lines which were all we could remember).

But anyhow I think it was a well spent youth - I for one can't remember a tenth of what they taught me in classes but the punting trips and friends stick in my mind.

Turinas: this could be interesting though 12 is quite a hard target. I have two more very different ones that are twinkles in my eye but five?? Maybe it would be a good sort of challenge though - if I fail its 25 quid to your charity of choice?

Anonymous said...

OK. How about 3 more? Winner gets to deliver the 25 quid in person at the Dukes Head. I will be there over Xmas