Saturday, October 27, 2007

Geneva Hotels

What is this object and what has this to do with Geneva Hotels?

Over time have experienced a range of hotels here: at the bottom end there was the hostel like Hotel du Lac (with shared bathrooms) and the depressingly sparce Hotel Crystal. The popular ones like Hotel Epson (with delightfully named Bar Sulky) are usually fully booked so this trip have had to try a new one, the Hotel des Nations.

Like all Geneva hotels the bed is rock hard and the heating turned up to sauna. However it has made an effort and liberally filled the corridors and rooms with "art". The above is in my room and is called "20,000 lieues sous l'amere" - hmmm more like a naked man made of pipe cleaners sitting on a juicer to me. Looks like another story to add to this excellent post on life in art school.

The hotel seems to have bought an entire collection - more when I get the pictures off the camera.

In the meantime the art chosen for the room is meant to have a theme - can you spot it the figure above and these two?

Me neither, but apparently its meant to reflect the manager's time in Dubai, UAE.

The only connection I see with the UAE (from my recent trip) is the overenthusiastic heating system.

!Light Bulb Moment!

I should create my own installation, in which each room of the art gallery would have its own climate, one dry and hot ("Desert") one freezing cold ("Polar") and another humid and hot ("Rainforest").

Call it "Our fragile world" and submit for the Turner Prize!


kat said...

Awesome post...this made me crack up!

ps(Thanks for the link-love, and I really think you should do the installation idea *g*)

JP said...

You're very welcome Kat (it was a really funny and atmospheric post).

I'd get my plumber to start on the installation but he's had the guest bathroom shower in pieces for the last three weeks :(

What I want is an artist with some spare time on her hands...... say - have you ever thought of working in the medium of heating and plumbing systems instead of oil and canvas?