Sunday, October 14, 2007

On the Putney Embankment

After Sunday lunch we went for a walk along the Thames river bank. At the Putney embankment there was a hive of water sports activity, with rowers launching for an afternoon's practice, a flock (if thats the word) of canoes battling against the tide, Laser's being rigged for a sail, and the sea cadets out for an explore.

As I mentioned before, all this action made me keen to get a small dinghy like a Laser and sail it on lovely afternoons like this one. I wondered, though, which sailing club would be best out of the:
- Ranelagh
- South Bank
- Corinthians (ok a bit further away but they also cover offshore sailing)

If anyone has any feedback on any of these that would be appreciated.

There was also much of interest ashore, with an art exhibition of river and sailing paintings in one of the rowing clubs.

And at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin an announcement of the opening of what looks like a fascinating exhibition of how Putney helped change the British political system. After the civil war there was held here the "Putney Debates" about structures for a constitution, which was all recorded and can be read here.


turinas said...

Before we came back to the US, I checked out Corithians. A really nice club. Not up itself at all. Great family feel to it. Has a good bar but best of all it's next to the Dove. They have cruising boats on the Hamble too if I recall.

JP said...

I went to them a few years ago once and it seemed a good place, but its not so handy as the other two but as you say they also do big boats too.

kat said...

I love the Jo Bowen image you linked to...captures a sense of tranquility, and dignity.

JP said...

The rivers views are very nice and was almost tempted to commission one of the view from here, but they are rather expensive!