Monday, October 15, 2007

Thames in the morning

Nice series of photos of the Thames early in the morning over on the London Daily Photo.

I got up 5ish one day to go hunting for locations for a script a few years ago and was amazed how busy London was even that early - the buses were packed.

It may be horrid to get up at that time but the city looks lovely in the red glow of dawn.


kat said...

Sometimes I wish I was a morning person, as there is something magical about watching the mist rising off the sleeping earth.

Sounds like there's a story behind the location-hunt/ script...?

JP said...

There is something even more magical about dozing in a warm bed :)

At sea I always preferred the sunset to the sunrise watch as the latter was just at a too antisocial time (and doesn't look as good)

As to the script....

Kat said...

LOL...very true! Especially as the days get shorter and the mornings are dark and cold. In the winter I have to bargain with myself to get out of bed when it's like that.

ps (the sunset picture in the next post gorgeous!)