Saturday, December 22, 2007

Piracy hits Liverpool

One of the great maritime cities in Britain, Liverpool, has suffered the first act of attempted piracy in nearly 200 years.

No this is not some April fool, but yes it is a bit of a stretch to really call it piracy. As you can read here in an article in the sensational soar away Sun one of the less than competent scousers was caught and the other made off with nothing.

So less blood or victory and much more of a hot-water bottle type of pirate!


Kat said...

Arrrr, thar be one mighty fearsome lookin' Hottie! (Or meybe 'tis one o' them tea-cosies Grannie makes fer hiddin' a bottle o'Rum in?)

JP said...

You have to keep those rum toddies warm somehow!

And very useful if you get thirsty in the night time.