Sunday, December 23, 2007

White Christmas in the London Fog

Fog not snow turned London white today. A thick dense whiteness sat all day on all the houses, offices, shops, roads, rivers, bridges, towers and palaces of this old and great town.

It was rather wonderfully atmospheric. Biking back from delivering presents to my two godsons over in Chiswick, people would be shadows that appear out of the murk, Hammersmith Bridge materialised glowing lights followed much later by the hidden iron work.

The Thames path was deserted. It felt like being a kid again, biking home through country lanes, with the only sounds the geese of the wetland centre and distant church bells.

Happy Christmas everyone!

ps as I'm sure to have lost the bet with Turinas I propose to give the necessary donation to Shelter, as it must be horrid to be homeless over Christmas when its so cold - unless he has another suggestion!


Anonymous said...

A great cause. I'll match whatver you donate.

Love the pic of the Tideway. I have schlepped many a boat over that road and down the Embankment

Happy Christmas


JP said...

Shelter it is then.

What boats were you launching?

Happy Christmas

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos - especially the first one. I hope you had a fabulous White Christmas in the mist (we had drizzle and then some wet snow in the pm)!

ps( Sorry to hear you lost your bet, but glad for the people at homeless shelter who will be rapt to receive your help. Thanks so much for doing that! :)

JP said...

Shelter are great - you can find out about them here (there's also the pay by CC option which I used to give my donation):

The photos were actually taken in afternoon when out for a run - I wish I'd a camera later when biking back in the dark as the fog thickened - it was magical and rather Dickensian.