Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Book Review 1: Moonfleet

Couple of reviews of sailing and boating books I've read recently.

First up its that classic tale of smugglers and wreckers from the 19th Century, J. Meade Falkner's Moonfleet.

I read it last many years ago when a child, and had forgotten most of the plot until pretty much the page before when suddenly it was case of "oh, of course, I remember now, the treasure is of course hidden there" (as to where "there" is you'll just have to read it to find out).

Its a thrilling boys own yarn full of adventures in boats, escaping those darn excise men, a priceless diamond, haunted church-yards, treachery, betrayal, loyalty between men and the faithfulness of a true woman.

I say boys own, as there is a distinct lack of modern female role models: I do wonder if my nieces would enjoy it as much as my nephews. Having said that one of my niece's female cousins recently said she loved it.

The plot is a bit episodic which doesn't follow the classic Robert McKee three acts and over-arching story arc but rather bounces in different directions like a small boat in a storm.

Overall I really enjoyed it and want to head down to Dorset to explore the real village of East Fleet on which Moonfleet was based.


charlsiekate said...

Have you ever heard the Nickel Creek song - Moonfleet Beach? It is awesome. I'd never heard of Moonfleet until I heard this song.

(you have to scroll down) -

I can't find a video of the song - but here is a video of The Lighthouse Tale, which I think you might like.

JP said...

Those are great lyrics thanks so much for pointing them out to me. And they are right Moonfleet Beach - in real life Chesil Beach - must be lethal in a south-wester in those old ships that found it hard to beat to windward.

Enjoyed the song too - beautiful tho' sad. I hadn't heard of Nickel Creek so a new one for me!