Thursday, April 03, 2008

Captain Calamity Mark II

Hot on the heels of the Captain Calamity of the north (who argued that the Shetlands aren't Scottish) there's now the Captain Calamity of the south too.

Glenn Crawley has gained that nickname from exploits on his Dart 16 appropriately called Mischief after capsizing so frequently that the harbour master has banned him from sailing out of Newquay until he's done some basic training.

The problem is that he is unable to right the boat and must be picked up by the lifeboats. Once would be bad enough but this has happened some 13 times at a cost of £2,500 per call out. Now the RNLI is a charity mostly funded by private donations, and can't really afford what some have estimated as £30,000.

So what do you think: should he sent the bill? Or left to bob around and think over what he has done?

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bonnie said...

Good grief. If anybody ever needed one of those little floatation balls you stick on the top of the mast to keep your cat from turtling, this is the guy...