Saturday, July 19, 2008

Classic boats (and cars)

One of the nicest things about sailing a classic boat such as the 30 square metre rule last weekend is how great it looks. Its not just a great sail also a thing of beauty - and people notice, so more than a few times you see cameras pointing at you.

Felt like that again on Tuesday when the last hurrah of my brother's 40th birthday was a day's rental of an Aston Martin Vantage V8 (did someone say mid-life crisis?).

It was amazing to drive with incredible power. Life a fair ground ride that goes on for an hour rather than just 2 minutes - exciting but also rather tiring. And like a classic boat it got approving looks where ever it went.

Afterwards I watched the YouTube video of Top Gear racing one across the Isle of Man together with BMW M6 and Porsche 911 and Clarkson preferred the M6's due to its even greater power. But he agreed that while other drivers would be happy to give way to the Vantage, the other two cars had a bit of an image problem.

Because the M6 is ugly it gives nothing back to those outside watching it go by. And no doubt a modern sailing yacht could out sail a classic boat but the looks just aren't there. Their design is all about the winning, just as the M6 is about having the most brutally powerful engine.

I know which I'd prefer.


Katinka said...

My Dad says that's his dream car! Now I'm going to have to rent one of these for him for his next birthday :P (last time it was a ride on a Harley Davidson)

Did you feel a little bit like 007 driving it?

JP said...

The names P - J.P ;)