Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It was magic

Another Tillerman group writing project, this one a "Heyitwasgreat".

He even suggested a possible theme for the offshore sailor as the "landfall after a long voyage" - which for me could either be reaching St Lucia after the Arc or heading into Plymouth after the Fastnet. Both were great, but neither truly magical.

The trouble is both happened in the middle of the night, when was tired and run down after the long voyage, when getting close to that point when just want to get off to have a shower and a beer. And to be honest its not much fun when stuck in a confined space with a boatfull of sailors who's clean laundry ran out over 200 nautical miles ago!

No, for me the "Heyitwasgreat" moment was the start of the Arc.

When the gun fired there was no turning back. In front of us were 3,000 miles of adventure, blue water sailing at its best. I'd met the crew, skipper and boat and approved of all - the fears of nutters or cramped bunk had been put to rest.

And we were off with 200 other boats, all sailing in the sunshine, all heading the same way for the same reason.

But even that wasn't the best bit.

The best bit happened that first night. After the sun disappeared in the same westerly direction we were steering darkness fell on the fleet, and the lights started to appear - below us, above us, and all around us.

In the water around our boat we saw the watery fireflies of photoluminescence. Above us the stars were bright with the constellation Orion riding high in the sky. And around the horizon were the red, green, and white lights of the Arc.

It was truly magical.


Dr J said...

There really is nothing better than being at sea at night!

JP said...

Well, maybe not when its cold, wet and windy :(

But on a fine night, yes, it is just magic :)