Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Head underwater

This is where I stuck my head yesterday - the Thames.

As part of the kayak course did an x-rescue and one of the rolls in its very murky brown waters. And with the nose clip falling off while upside down ended up swallowing much more than would like.

Actually biggest danger was banging my head - at low tide the river is very shallow indeed.

If there's a lull in posting you'll know to blame the Thames lurgy!


Katinka said...

So have you noticed anything odd since your dip in the Thames (sudden appearance of extra limbs, super-powers, or a tendency to set off geiger counters,etc.)? ;)

JP said...

Actually one of the rollers did complain of slightly funny tummy :(

But for me no dif-k!k!k!KKK!!-erence what?what?what?what?what?what? so ever. Feel ju-GRRRRRRRRR-st fine :-[]